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Stine Family


Our History

Matt and Kim Stine both grew up in Texas. Kim grew up in Central Texas in the Dallas area while Matt grew up in the San Antonio area. They met while both attending Tarleton State University and after getting married they went to culinary school in the mid-nineties. Matt focused on the kitchen while Kim focused on Restaurant Management. They then spent the next twenty years working in restaurants ranging from 24hr diners, Ski Resorts and even a 5-star resort in Georgia.

Texas Style Food 


" We chose to open a Smokehouse because our roots will always be planted in Texas while our hearts belong to the mighty Cascades; we felt the best way to bring the two together was to bring some down-home Texas smoked meats to the wooded valley of Plain. We are passionate about food, customer service, but most of all we are passionate about creating a fun environment where people can come and enjoy a good plate of brisket."


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